31 August 2010

Dealing with a break up

Today I decided to make a piece out of all the rejections letters that I have received in the last month.  Whenever I got one lately, I'd shout: "This is really not a good time. What's wrong with people? Don't they know?" I will call the piece which will be a long letter made out of all the rejection letters: "Dealing with a break up." It won't be live. I can't do that anymore. Not the live bit but this specific story as a performance is so pass√© now! (ref. Fuzzy)

Here is a sample. (All I had to do was write "unfortunately" in my email's search box).

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful
Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to meet you  
we don’t feel that you would be suitable for the company 
unfortunately your application has been unsuccessful. 
Unfortunately, I’m sorry that we are unable to offer you an interview. We will keep your application on file so we can let you know should other opportunities arise.
Unfortunately we don’t have any vacancies at the moment

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