23 November 2010

A new drug in town

There is a drug called mephedrone that fucks you up real quick. You take it, get high instantly and go wherever it takes you. You think that you never had it so good and that this is definitely ammmmaaaaaazing. You dance on crap music, you talk shit to your friends because you just want to 'share the love.' You miss your family, you get teary and nostalgic and loving and emotional and sensitive and passionate... You think where could you go from there? You consider dying just for the sake of a happy ending. Then you realize where you're really going from there: DOWN. Fucking down. You look around you, you wonder if all this loving and kissing and talking was the most fake thing that ever happened to you. You get embarrassed for dancing for hours on cheesy house music and doing things that are not really like you.
This is what I think about some loves. They are like mephedrone. You often wonder if their short period high is even worth it.
Somebody lately gave me a bag of mephedrone, I flushed it down the toilet.

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