6 May 2011

Another reason why men shouldn't rule the world.

Men shouldn't rule the world because they're very shit at it. They are incapable of performing the simplest tasks and they long time ago gave up on lifting shit, fixing shit and taking the rubbish out. Instead they hover around, taking so much space, looking useless, killing each other or writing books about how great their fellow men are.
Why am I generalizing? Because I can and because I just traveled across London with 2 heavy bags and on every set of fucking stairs, a woman came and helped me. Not a single man offered help even when one of the women who helped me tripped over and was about to fall straight on her face and some tall dude literally crossed over her. I wondered then if out of this whole pretending-that-women-have-now-equal-rights, we ended up with better rights NOT equal (women in Britain are paid 30% less than men who do the same jobs and women in Lebanon can't even pass their nationality to their kids.) AND we now have to deal with men who use 'equality' as an excuse to basically do nothing around the house, in relationships, in communities and on the tube.
What they do on the other hand is adverts like this one below and the city is littered with them this holiday season. How is it that in 2011 all touristic adverts still have a beautiful woman looking seductively at us? We know that every country has hot women. This is not (or at least shouldn't be) the reason why people travel. Since when half of the world turned into a sex tourism destination? And if so, women have sex too you know and guess what, they also travel so why don't we see cheesy sexy men in tourist ads?

Anyway I made a top 3:
-The Tunisian ad with a hot women lying on the sand by the sea all oiled up with a curved back and slightly lifted knees. What does that mean? Tunisia is ready to be penetrated.
- An ad for Israel with another women in bikini half covered with mud from the dead sea. Now what does that mean? Hey, we are a brutal apartheid country but you will forget all about that once you see an exotic looking woman staring innocently at you while the sun is setting behind her back.
-And the winner of the most chauvinistic and sexist tourist campaign is our own genius video made by the Lebanese ministry of tourism. It shows a western male tourist who can't focus on his work after his holiday to Lebanon because he keeps fantasizing about Lebanon i.e. he sees flashbacks of Lebanese women in bikini sipping cocktails in private resorts featuring a close up of a giggling woman's boobs. Ya emme dakhlik!
The ad world has always been male dominated and maybe it's about time they spare us their shit or at least lift the fucking bag for me you useless twats. Thank you.

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