22 June 2011


I fell asleep on the coach today, coming back 'home' from the airport. When I woke up, I couldn't tell where I was. I have been in three different countries in the last few days and I feel completely drained. I couldn't tell which day of the week it was either so I did what I am really good at, I panicked. Which usually consists of me straightening up my back like a cat and moving my head frantically around like a bird. Then I saw a vision that saved me: a massive tesco supermarket standing all alone in the middle of nowhere. Oh the relief! We are in Britain. Yes of course. I fell back into my chair.
The second time I opened my eyes, it turned out we have reached London and the first thing that I saw was this strange blue structure. What the fuck! Is this a disguised CCTV? Yes of course. British landmark number 2.

Sometimes real life happens like a lazy film: a series of exhausted clich├ęs. I really need to sleep.

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