4 August 2011

"Casio watch viewed with suspicion by US officials as a possible sign of terrorist links."

I was stuck in one of those awful easyjet queues waiting to board a plane from Berlin to London. A couple of hours earlier, I passed by the massive Holocaust memorial in the middle of Berlin. I was reflecting on how cold and concrete that installation seemed to me when I heard two people in the queue chatting about the holocaust. I eavesdropped to their conversation. An American woman was telling an Englishman that 6 million Jews were killed to which he replied "they were actually 2 million."
Not the usual white people small talk in a queue.
She then quickly mumbled something about Israel to which he replied: "who is talking about Israel? Fuck Israel. It's a disgusting place. Burn that shit down to the ground. It's not their country anyway!" I turned around to what appeared to me like a perfect scene in an American film. The woman was actually making a classic over the top face of rage and shock with the whole mouth opening and eyes rolling thing. She said: "This conversation is over. I can't believe you said: Fuck Israel!"

I couldn't understand why she cared more about him saying "Fuck Israel" than saying "burn it to the ground."
Half an hour later when we finally sat on the plane waiting for it to take off, I saw the crew approaching the Englishman and asking him questions such as: " We had complaints about you. What did you tell that lady? Repeat what you said. Why are you saying such a thing? ..." Apparently she told them that he scared her by his radical and unacceptable views and she is now convinced that he is a security threat.
I heard words coming out of my mouth in this shape: "Talking about a brutal occupation is a taboo in Germany."
They all looked at me. That was dumb. The face of the American woman appeared again looking even more like an over-actor. She told me "What did you say about Israel?" Words came out again: "A BRUTAL OCCUPATION!"
To my surprise, the easyjet crew suddenly shock their heads and decided that this is turning into a headache since more people are now involved. They said: "We are not interested in your arguments."
Phew! Thank god easyjet are such amateurs, any other company would have probably sent us straight to Guantanamo. I took off my casio watch, popped a sleeping pill and cursed my big mouth.

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