8 August 2011

London's Burning

It all started while the majority of the UK government appeared to be on holiday and are now quite frustrated about having to leave Tuscany and other sunny destinations to rush back to a rainy London and deal with what they already tagged as "thugs," "criminals," "looters," lawless," "thieves," "opportunists," "violent," "mindless" London youth.
It started in Tottenham (where I took these photos) in response to the police killing a local man (Mark Duggan) and claiming that he shot at them first which later appeared to be a false claim. But they later apologized to his family which was a very kind thing to do. So why are people still rioting?
The #londonriots hashtag on twitter is filled with classist and racist comments calling the protesters animals and scum to say the least. However, a small minority is still trying to keep the link between riots and poverty, the police behaviour, the capitalist system, the tory government's brutal cuts which affected people enormously specially the less fortunate ones who are not currently on their fourth holiday this year.

The events are spreading fast with hundreds arrests, shops being raided and destroyed, new areas being involved...but what is so far very worrying is the talk about a martial law enforcement, Blackberry accepting to help the police ie allowing them to monitor BBM (which was a scandalous thing when the Arab gulf governments wanted to enforce but now it's suddenly not a big deal) and the Scotland Yard announcing that twitter users could be arrested for inciting violence.

Just like the Labour party's 'terrorism acts law' compromised on the everyday liberty of the people living in the UK instead of tackling the real problem, it is likely that we soon hear of a new set of oppressive policies written this time by pissed off conservatives who just interrupted their holidays.

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