18 December 2011

A blue bra worth more than all the military uniforms of the world.

Dragging someone on the floor is a performative act. During the Lebanese civil war, the most horrifying scene that you could encounter in the streets was often an injured or beaten or even dead person being dragged on the floor and sometimes hanged from a moving car and being dragged around so that everyone could watch.
During the 5th century, Christian "mobs attacked Hypatia, stripped her naked as a form of humiliation then dragged her through the streets" of Alexandria.
In 2011, Arab women are being stripped naked, attacked, beaten, arrested, tortured, raped and dragged around because they are leading the fight for freedom.

Yesterday in Cairo
Zainab Al Khawaja in Bahrain a couple of days ago (still detained)

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  1. That is just horrifying...Disgusting actually! Aren't those the bravest men you ever did see...defending her honour? With riot gear and batons...