27 February 2012

Caution: Lebanese Art

Thankfully I now have a producer, an amazing woman called Jessica Harrington. She now has to take over some of the dirty work I hate doing like for example telling venues:
"Sorry but no. She can't work her ass off for practically no money because not all artists come from rich families" or "Thank you very much but we occasionally need to eat."

The second top annoying thing that I don't like doing in the art world and that now Jess has to do is to make sure that not every festival I go to introduce me as "Lebanese Live Artist." She will have to tell them "Dear sir/madam, I hate to break the news to you but being Lebanese is not a profession" or "I understand that you have to tick the box in the Equal Opportunities Form so you might as well say 'Arab' or 'Brown' if this makes your funders feel better about themselves." or "We were just wondering: is the word 'Lebanese' here a euphemism for 'may contain angry content by a person born in a civil war' or is it 'might have a weird accent' or perhaps 'you might want to look up Lebanon in Wikipedia before the show' or is it more like a 'warning: may be a bit too political for a Saturday night'?"

They will get back to her saying that they only mention my nationality to give their festival an international feel. "Oh right, we understand but we were wondering why no one mentioned that the American artists are Americans?" Jess will then have to lecture them on the concept of "Invisibility of the whiteness."
Jess and I on a mission


  1. I'm already fan of ur Jess, wishing both of u much luck.. & wondering if I'll get the chance to watch ur performance anytime soon.. (although I might make sure u break a leg just before u go on that stage.. I'm Lebanese too u know.. ;)

  2. :) I'll make sure I'll let you know next time I perform in London. Thanks for the wishes (and the friendly threat) x