7 April 2013

The 'leftist' capitalists who run Curzon Cinemas are interested in Human Rights and starving their workers.

I used to work at Curzon when the price of a cinema ticket became double of what we earned for an hour of work. The cute lefty little art house cinema slowly became a chain selling tickets for £15 each and paying us £6.62 per hour. They hired fierce businessmen who looked down on us and dismissed our shy little tip box that we placed on a bar that sells expensive chic wine demanding to "get rid of the tip box. I don't like the look of it." The CEO didn't like the look of the tip box that allowed his staff to buy for dinner the only thing they could afford in the neighborhood: chips for £1.50. Perhaps he thought we could use what we earn for an hour of work for transport and what we earn for 2 hours of work to buy dinner in Soho which will leave us to live off the wage of 3 hours of work in each shift.

I told that CEO once that I don't like what he's doing to the cinema. He smiled and said: "We would totally undertstand if you decide to leave the job."

He wanted us to get mad and walk out of a shift in protest so he can easily fire us. We felt intimidated by the head office and worried that we might lose our jobs. We sent them a letter asking for a pay rise but they probably threw it in their recycling bin because they care about the environment, human rights, injustice, workers rights, women rights, gay rights and everything else the Curzon cinemas are known for.

They now sell £950 membership and boutique products for rich bankers who want to impress their girlfriends and for celebrities who want to look radical. They are contributing to what is making the cinema experience an activity for the rich and the elite.

It always felt like the Curzon staff cared about their cinema more than the management does. They are now demanding that the head office recognizes their union membership and pay them above the London poverty wage. Please sign the petition here. For more info, follow their blog.

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